Circuit Design.
Using industry standard Eagle CAD software have your circuits turned into a complete Printed Circuit Board.
If you dont have a schematic and just an idea , that idea can be turned into your product.
Analogue and Digital Technologies both Through Hole and Surface Mount Devices catered for.
Electronic Repairs.
From Vacuum Tube Thermionic Valves to Microprocessors Circuits.
Industrial Electronics to Audio Amplifiers.
Bespoke Design.
If you need a product that is not available why not make it ?
Sensors to Output.
Interfacing High Power to Low Power.
After 25 years of being involved in the Electronics Industry many suppliers have been tried and tested. If you need electronic components contact us and relay your requirements.
Portable Appliance Testing.
As electricity can kill all repairs and new designs will be tested as part of the service.
Should you need a few items testing please get in contact for price and availablity.